Untitled Art returns to Miami Art Week

Untitled Art fair in Miami Beach in 2021.

Courtesy of Casey Kelbaugh

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The mission of the Untitled Art Fair goes beyond hosting a grand event filled with beautiful, thought-provoking, or even thought-provoking works during the annual Miami Art Week, to focus on galleries and artists who participate in it.

According to founder Jeff Lawson, the fair, which begins with VIP previews on Monday, November 28 and ends on Saturday, December 3, is “dedicated to artists and galleries and to creating as complex a fair as possible that touches on all the different aspects of the contemporary market.

Untitled Art runs concurrently with Art Basel Miami, which opens to VIPs and private viewers on November 29, and to the public from December 1-3. The art-filled week also includes numerous museum and gallery exhibits and other fairs, including Art Miami and DesignMiami/.

Untitled achieves its mission by ensuring dealerships of all sizes, histories and locations can participate. Emerging artists, young galleries and non-profit organizations, for example, can apply to be part of “Nest”, which offers a discount of almost 50% on booth fees.

Instead of being placed in a special section of the fair, these 21 booths will appear throughout as part of the curatorial narrative crafted this year by Omar López-Chahoud, artistic director of the fair.

A small gallery might feature an artist “who speaks very well to this other gallery that’s been around for 45 years,” Lawson says. “The curatorial concept of the fair, whether you are a non-profit or emerging gallery, a mid-career gallery or a gallery showing an older, underappreciated artist, there is always a thread that will tie them somewhere .”

The common thread this year is about collaboration between the local and global arts community. Some of this will be achieved through special projects, performances and podcast conversations in addition to the return of Monuments, outdoor programming open to the public.

Special projects include For Freedoms News (FFN), an artist-led project where “reporters on the street” will record live news and interviews during the fair on “the complexities, mundaneities and expansion of art, politics and society with an art fair environment,” according to Untitled Art. The band premiered at

Brooklyn Museum of Art

in New York from Friday to November 6.

Also, the Mexican gallery Collector will present the works of the artist Rachel Garrard
Paths beyond time, a temporary installation of rusty steel sculptures that will seem to emerge from Miami Beach. According to Untitled Art, the work continues Garrard’s practice of creating temporary works using nature.

And the Spanish gallery Max Estrella will present a sound installation from the Val del Omar entitled Por aquí ya no hay camino (There is no more way here), circa 1961, which includes film recordings, radio recordings, family conversations and reflections.

The fair will also offer six new prizes.


a virtual and augmented reality art platform, for example, will award a free booth to a Nest gallery and allow all participants in this program to create a virtual extension of their gallery on the Vortic and Untitled Art websites. During the fair, these galleries can also create a virtual reality experience on their stands.

Two prizes relate to the acquisition of works of art.

21c Museum Hotels

will select works by one or two artists to add to its collection. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, 21c is a contemporary art museum and boutique hotel chain founded by collectors Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson.

And the international artistic project

Solo collection
based in Madrid, will buy up to three pieces for its price. The group seeks to support today’s works of art and a “vibrant contemporary scene”, seeing “the role of fairs like Untitled as key”.

Prizes also include one offered by

CCA Andratx

a Spanish production venue and platform, which will choose an artist to serve a month-long residency in Mallorca, Spain, while artist Derrick Adams’ Last Resort Artist Retreat, will select an artist of African descent from America and the Caribbean for its first cycle of residents next year.

And the


in France, a family business specializing in graphic art materials, will reward an artist with in-kind materials and a hybrid cash prize for the production of an institutional exhibition in 2023.

As an example of how the fair puts “collaboration and community,” its curatorial theme, into practice, Lawson highlights the participation of

Volochyn Gallery

from Kyiv, Ukraine, specializing in contemporary art.

López-Chahoud worked with the founders, Max and Julia Voloshyn, to help them find housing and to help the gallery organize museum and institutional exhibitions in Florida. It’s an example of a gallery based overseas but in times of distress, “that we worked with to get opportunities when they were in the US or Europe,” says Lawson.

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