University of Findlay Art Exhibition


Students in the 2D Visual Fundamentals class took their line designs and recreated them in a circle around the steeple.

FINDLAY, Ohio – New art is bringing light to the University of Findlay campus, and this work wasn’t created just by art students.

The bell tower of the University of Findlay is surrounded by a little more color than usual. This week, students in the 2D Visual Fundamentals class were instructed to create a design using straight lines.

Their designs were taken from paper and put on campus using colored tape.

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It is an exercise in design, scale and adaptation.

“Everything doesn’t go as planned, you just have to keep up with the punches,” said graphic designer Cody Springer. “You have to adapt to certain situations. It won’t always turn out the way you hoped, but it could be better.”

And this class is also a general elective course for non-artistic majors, allowing students who may never have done a work of art for visualization to experience the creative process.

“The goal is for students who are not art majors to get a feel for what the artistic process is, and to learn to be flexible, to learn to plan and refine things,” said Valerie. Escobedo, associate professor of art.

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And with art in public view, the project also serves to beautify and enrich the campus.

“It makes you want to work that much harder, because you know the whole campus is potentially going to see what you’re working on,” said Hassan Springer, a computer science student. You can show your friends, your teammates, “Hey, look what I’m doing. “It’s not just what’s inside the classroom, look what I can do outside.”

This temporary art installation will be on campus for at least a week, but they’re looking to see if they can’t keep it in place until next weekend.

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