Three artists from South East Asia get the chance to perfect their artistic practice in the EU

SINGAPORE – Artist Hoo Fan Chon was born into a fishing family who regularly organized and attended seafood banquets. Fish has always been a mainstay of his diet and has also become a recurring motif in Malaysian practice. 39 years old.

This year, Mr. Hoo will have the opportunity to research the aesthetics of plating and the obsession with live fish, typical of Chinese culture. It will also explore Finnish fish farming, consumption habits and industry.

This is made possible by SEA AiR – Studio Residencies for Southeast Asian Artists in the EU, a new program developed by the Nanyang Technological University Center for Contemporary Art Singapore (NTU CCA Singapore).

It is financed by the foreign policy instruments of the European Union.

Ms. Citra Sasmita, 31, from Indonesia, and Mr. Vuth Lyno, 39, from Cambodia, are the other two artists who have been offered a three-month residency in an EU country to hone their artistic practice. This year.

The three were selected from a pool of 24 nominees nominated by curators and artists from Southeast Asia. They were chosen on the basis of the quality of their work and the relevance of their proposals.

The other 21 candidates will have to be nominated again and apply again for the next cycle.

The selection process for the next cycle will be undertaken this year, and residencies will take place in 2023.

Mr Hoo said: “It is overwhelming and I am delighted to have been selected for SEA AiR. Through this residency, I would like to exercise my ideas and share my projects with audiences of cultural backgrounds and material sensibilities. different. It must germinate questions and productive trajectories. “

The artists were announced with partner institutions for the first cycle of SEA AiR at the EU Delegation in Singapore at the Raffles City Tower on Monday 10 January.

Ms Iwona Piórko, EU Ambassador to Singapore, said: “2022 marks the 45th anniversary of EU-ASEAN dialogue relations, and SEA AiR marks a good start to this pivotal year.

“SEA AiR brings together the EU, Singapore and South East Asia through the arts. It embodies the spirit of dialogue and exchange that characterizes the relations between our two regions.

SEA AiR seeks to position Singapore as a hub for artistic exchanges between the EU and the South East Asia region. It is dedicated to artists who have not had professional experience in Europe.

The artists selected this year are offered a three-month residency between March and June in Europe. They will be hosted by contemporary art institutions that are partners of SEA AiR.

This year, the three institutional partners are Wiels in Brussels, Belgium, the Helsinki International Artist Program (HIAP) in Finland and Villa Arson in Nice, France.

These partners have a long track record of managing artist residency and training programs through mentorship, peer dialogues and public engagements.

They will also benefit from expanding their network through NTU CCA Singapore as a base to wider Southeast Asia, a region historically under-represented in most artistic residency programs in Europe.

This is all the more significant as the EU and ASEAN are starting 45 years of dialogue partnership.

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