This RPG imagines the Berserk manga in a Studio Ghibli style

Adobe ended support for its Flash software in 2020, but its legacy lives on in the hearts of game developers around the world. This includes Hunting dogs, a game that challenges you to shoot a hot dog as far as possible using whimsical powerups like a pelican.

There are hot dogs and more in Cool WIP, Polygon’s weekly roundup of eye-catching clips and screenshots of work in progress. Every week, the Polygon team scour the internet for the most interesting games still under construction, to give you a sample of the coolest projects to come.

We have a game inspired by the manga Berserk, beautifully designed mythical creatures, a strong anime girl and the best fast travel animation you have ever seen.

Catapult hot dogs over the wide open ocean

Hunting dogs is a tribute to the catapult games of the Flash era. In catapult games you just try to throw an object as far as possible. Although Hunting dogs was inspired by these games, it’s much cuter (and more appropriate) than saying, Kitten cannon, which made you throw cats to death. A music video shows a hot dog launch, and you can see the sausage fly through the air and into a pelican’s mouth, which then lets you slide, to the Flappy Bird. According to the developer, Alex Johansson, the game is almost finished but is not yet ready for release. Those interested can join go out and test the game.

Developer tackles Berserk

Dennis Opel posted scene from New Game Concept: Studio Ghibli Movie Meets Manga Berserk. It feels like a much brighter, happier reimagining of Kentaro Miura’s gritty adventure series. A music video shows a figure in a red cloak walking in a windy plain. The game seems pretty early in development; So far the developer has just posted scenes teasing the character and the world, but you can follow Opel’s work on their Twitter account.

Get thrown across the continent

the Sea of ​​stars The team showed a fun way to travel fast. In a clip, you see the characters being picked up and thrown across the continent by a giant stone creature. Sea of ​​stars is a turn-based RPG of the Sabotage Studio based in Quebec, creators of The messenger. There is no release date yet, but the game is slated for release on Windows PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

An RPG with a stunning artistic style

This clip is from another turn-based RPG. It is called The ways of wandering and presents a magical artistic style suited to its mythical characters. This music video shows a team of characters facing a giant horned creature that looks like a minotaur. The signs of the characters look smooth, but the surroundings look amazing, as the line work and color shading make it feel like you’re in a dark twisted forest. There is no release date but you can follow the developers’ work on the Errant Works Twitter Account.

I wanna face the world like this blue haired shooter

The moment I saw this character from Desperate memories I stopped scrolling. His whole design absolutely whips up. Her name is Xela and she has blue hair, a cool outfit, and an even cooler gun. A clip shows a codex which also reveals its chibi form. Forlorn Memories is being done by a developer named Alex and you can check out all the other characters on their Twitter account.

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