This company helps you eliminate plastics from your cleaning, beauty and personal care products

There’s no way to coat it in sugar; the planet is in crisis. Every day we are dumping more and more plastic into our waterways. And scientists around the world agree that if we don’t act now, the damage will be irreparable. But what does this actually mean for ordinary people?

When it comes to pollution and climate change, it’s easy to blame companies or the government. But we must also look within. The choices we make in our daily lives have an impact on the world around us. If we want to make the world a better place, we all need to make better choices. Fortunately, some companies are working hard to help consumers make good choices. And one of the best is Grove Collaborative, an online retailer specializing in plastic-free and eco-friendly home products, including household cleaners, personal care, baby, kids and pets.

Why Grove Collaborative?

The term “environmentally friendly” is used quite loosely. But Grove Collective actually means it. The company specializes in wholesome products made from non-toxic plant-based ingredients and only partners with growers who adhere to ethical and sustainable business practices. As a result, it only sells plastic-free or plastic-neutral products. And it’s committed to being 100% plastic-free by 2025.

Why does all this matter? This is important because, each year, only 9% of plastic is recycled, while 6.4 billion tonnes are dumped into the ocean. This matters because toxins from conventional household products enter our waterways and wreak havoc on our ecosystems. And that’s important because studies have linked conventional household products to many health problems, including asthma and cancer.

At Grove Collaborative, they think we can stop all this. So if you’re looking for an easy way to do your part, you should check out some of the amazing home essentials they offer.

Refillable deodorant sets

We all want to smell good. Thanks to the Grove Collaborative and a company called Peach, we can do this without toxic substances that cause cancer and without sending more plastic to the oceans and landfills. Peach refillable deodorant sets are available in four different natural scents, all of which come with a reusable metal case and an aluminum-free deodorant refill stick. When the stick runs out, all you have to do is put a replacement in the container, and you’ll be fresh as a daisy without killing a single baby sea turtle.

Buy refillable deodorant sets here.

Plastic free soap

Almost all the soap you buy in supermarkets or big box stores is sold in a plastic container. But they don’t to have for. All it takes to eliminate plastic is a little creativity. And Grove Collaborative offers a wide variety of plastic-free soap products, from plastic-free hand wash powder to dish soaps in infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles. They even offer solid shampoo bars. And they’re all certified as 100% ethically made, natural, and effective.

Buy plastic-free soaps here.

Natural lip care products

Just because you care about the planet doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful lips. Grove Collaborative offers a wide range of cruelty-free lip products that are sustainably made from a variety of natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients. Many of these luxurious products, including the Lip-to-Lid Balmies set, come in innovative plastic-free or zero-waste packaging. But for those who don’t, keep in mind that Grove is a plastic-neutral company. For every ounce of plastic you buy, they collect and recycle the same amount of plastic pollution.

Buy natural lip care products here.

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