Teachers reflect on a year of COVID-19


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – At the end of the school year, teachers reflect on a year like no other.

Northwestern Allen County School teachers say while this has been a difficult year, it has also been one of the most rewarding.

In Bonnie Carlson’s art class at Perry Hill Elementary School, her students adjusted to the COVID-19 precautions that have become our “new normal.”

Carlson’s, who has worked in the district for six years, has plastic dividers to separate the students in his class. His students also wore masks.

She knows the students have struggled this year and hopes next year will be less stressful.

“I don’t want any anxiety for my students and for myself, just a good year overall,” Carlson said.

Meanwhile, at Eel River Elementary School, Julie Taylor is in her first year in the district.

Taylor said this year presented opportunities for students that they usually wouldn’t get, like playing hopscotch during a “mask break.”

Taylor is hoping that next year will be a little more normal.

“I hope I can see their smiles and they can see mine,” Taylor said. “Hopefully we are able to hug and give a high five.”

The last day of school in the district is Friday.

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