StyleWeek returns with SEED Student Design Challenge and Lalla Bee and Jess Abernethy fashion shows


The twentieth season of the fashion event we know and love returned with a “Micro-Fashion Week” event held on the Capital Grille patio in Providence.

The SEED Student Design Challenge at StyleWeek. All pictures from Myke Yeager Photography.

The twentieth season of the StyleWeek we know and we love came back on Thursday June 10 with a “Micro-fashion week”Event organized on the capital grid terrace in Providence.

“It was such a good thing to see everyone come together after a year and a half of dealing with this pandemic,” said StyleWeek Founder and President Rosanna Ortiz. “I think we all needed this event to feel normal again. I know I did.

The evening kicked off with the very first Student Design Art Challenge, which was a gallery presentation of self-portraits created by eleven students at Grace school who were silently at auction to raise money for Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Parades followed, including the Design challenge for SEED students for which seven students from Lincoln school clothing made from recyclable materials. Students showcased wearable clothing made from items such as cereal boxes, candy wrappers, garlands, shopping and plastic bags, soda bottles, mylar balloons and balloons. garbage bags. A panel of judges determined a winner, and it was designer Isabel D’Hondt-Gorbea of ​​Lincoln School for her design that intricately woven plastic shopping bags into a tank top and the product bags were sewn together like pants. All of the students did an amazing job creating innovative and cutting edge looks.

Watch a slideshow of all the looks from the SEED Student Design Challenge, as well as the runways of Lalla Bee and Jess Abernethy. All pictures from Myke Yeager Photography.

Then comes a presentation on the catwalk of the international designer Melina Cortes-Nmili from lalla bee. Born and raised in the countryside of the Dominican Republic, Lalla bee’s timeless style has Victorian English garden appeal with vivid floral prints in A-line dresses and flowing skirts. You could imagine Betty Draper from “Mad Men” strutting around in these beautiful numbers that are always classic and never out of fashion.

For the final, Jess abernethy returned to the StyleWeek catwalk by launching a brand new collection featuring airy looks in cotton, lightweight wool and other breathable fabrics, featuring whimsical designs with loose skirts, delicate floral prints and shorts that can go from a preppy tennis match at dinner.


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StyleWeek is back in June with a micro fashion event

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