Small Businesses in Southern AZ Suggest Tips for Applying for Emergency SBA Loans


VAIL, Arizona – The Small Business Administration, or SBA, is spreading the message that small business owners in the Tucson area and all parts of the United States are currently eligible to apply for low interest loans Due to COVID-19, or the coronavirus.

Charles Colbath, co-owner of Babylon Salon in Vail, AZ, ran into a few roadblocks while trying to apply for emergency small business disaster loans. He had some practical advice for others to avoid the same obstacles.

However, many local businesses here in the Tucson area have run into obstacles when trying to log into and fill out their information.

Charles Colbath, co-owner of Bavilon Salon in Vail, Ariz., Ran into a few hurdles when trying to apply for emergency small business disaster loans.

Colbath shared some helpful tips for other people to avoid the same obstacles.

News 4 Tucson has spoken to several businesses about how they apply for low interest small business loans (from Tucson to Vail, AZ).

“What’s going to happen is you’ll get a page saying you need to call this 800 number and there will be this identity prompt,” Colbath said. “It usually means you’ve made a mistake or your credit is blocked.”

Additionally, it means that your connection will not work immediately when you try to return to the site.

Colbath said you’ll need to find someone, usually a volunteer friend, to create a new identity and then log in as such to return to the website.

From there, you can then put your small business information into the system.

If you would like to call the 1-800 number for assistance, News 4 Tucson has been advised by Pavilion Salon that service is faster after 7 p.m.

Colbath said the 1-800 number will help you much more easily through the process.

President Trump posted a tweet on Friday that assured small business owners the government was working diligently to provide relief.

The federal government is committed to helping small business owners during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We need help and we need help fast,” Colbath said. “This is why it is really essential to apply for it as soon as possible.”

Colbath added: “Don’t get frustrated, it’s part of the process. We all have to go through it.”

Here are some handy links from the Small Business Administration:

If you want to apply for an SBA disaster loan for your small business, you do so by visiting the official website at:

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