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Artwork Rise Up Residency at Vicarage Place by ‘Hera’ Photo Frank Leppard

Photos by Frank Leppard

Brilliant artwork has started to appear on buildings in Margate in a bid to raise awareness of ocean conservation and the problems caused by plastic on and around our coastline

Seventeen local and international artists are painting as part of the Rise Up Residency project which officially begins today (September 25) and ends October 2, although some works have already been completed.

The project is led by Rise Up Clean Up and internationally acclaimed artist Louis Masai, based in Margate. It will conclude with a series of free workshops for residents on October 1 and 2, with the aim of inspiring the community of Margate to reduce plastic use and respect the ocean.

Artwork by Louis Masai on the Kent Tec building Photo Frank Leppard

Over the past two years, over 3,000kg of rubbish has been collected from Margate’s main sands, the majority of which is plastic and single-use packaging.

‘Hera’ Photo Frank Leppard

Island businesses have embraced art-led activism and partnered with residents as well as artists to offer workshops and events the first weekend in October to help everyone make their share to reduce waste.

Photo Frank Leppard

Each facility has dedicated partners, ranging from climate NGOs such as Sea Shepherd, to sustainable brands including NatraCare, a company producing eco-friendly product alternatives for periods, as well as a variety of local businesses and the National Cultural Center , People Dem Collective.

Working at Danesmead Terrace by ‘Dreph’ Photo Frank Leppard

Environmental and waste collection group Rise Up Clean Up Margate was founded by resident Amy Cook. She said: ‘We have embarked on a mission to clean up Margate’s beaches and protect our beautiful local coastline, ocean and native wildlife. However, it is not enough to clean up what people leave behind. We need real systemic change that seeks to eliminate the problem at the source.

Work at Drapers Mill by Lily Mixe Photo Frank Leppard

“I hope the Rise Up residency leads to changes in policy and actions that can help usher in an era where Margate goes single-use plastic free.

“Beyond this, I hope other seaside towns will follow and together we can help bring about real change and preserve our beautiful coastline for generations to come.”

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Works that can already be seen include that of lead artist Louis Masai on the Kent Tec building in Northdown Road and works by Lily Mixe at Drapers Mill, Hera -aka Jasmin Siddiqui’ – at Vicarage Place and Neequaye Dreph Dsane at Danesmead Terrace. Work has also started on a mural in Crescent Road, opposite Nayland Rock, by artist Smug in partnership with British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

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