‘RHOBH’ Star Erika Jayne Wins Tom Girardi Fraud Lawsuit

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Erika Jayne won her legal battle this week against former colleagues of her ex-husband (famous attorney Tom Girardi) who sued her for fraud in 2020, confirmed Jayne’s attorney to the Los Angeles Times.

LA Judge Richard Fruin found no evidence Monday of wrongdoing on Jayne’s part after attorneys Philip R. Sheldon and Robert P. Finn charged her in a $5 million lawsuit. helping and encouraging her husband. In March, the California State Bar filed disciplinary charges against Girardi, 83, who allegedly embezzled millions of client funds while practicing law.

According to court documents obtained by The Times, Fruin ruled that Sheldon and Finn could not prove that Jayne, 51, knew Girardi was using their share of the settlement money to support the couple’s luxurious lifestyle. The judge dismissed plaintiffs’ argument and exhibits – including Jayne’s income and expense schedule – as an “irrelevant” combination of “inference” and “circumstantial evidence”.

Additionally, Fruin determined that neither Jayne nor Girardi owed plaintiffs any fiduciary duty, defined by Cornell Law School as a duty “to act in a manner that will benefit someone else, usually financially”.

A lawyer representing Sheldon and Finn told Page Six on Wednesday that Fruin “wrongly focused” on corrupt activities that were not central to their case, which allegedly led to a “discrepancy” in the ruling. of the judge.

Meanwhile, Jayne’s attorney said in a statement provided to The Times that he and his client are “satisfied that based on a review of the actual evidence by a court, Erika has been exonerated.”

“We expect that further ‘aiding and abetting’ lawsuits against Erika, which accuse her of participating in some kind of ‘fraud’, will fail for the same reason – they are untrue and not based on no real evidence,” Jayne’s attorney said. Evan C. Borges added.

Jayne also celebrated her legal victory Wednesday on Instagram, writing, “Thank you to my friends who stood by me. All I asked for was time and understanding.

In November 2020, Jayne filed for divorce after 21 years of marriage to Girardi, who was disbarred earlier this year and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. On Wednesday, The Times reported that Girardi wired $300,000 in settlement money intended for clients of his Wilshire Boulevard law firm, Girardi Keese, to a Los Angeles judge with whom he had an affair in 2015.

Jayne reacted to the Times report on Wednesday on Instagram, writing, “Wow. I knew about jewelry, shopping sprees, and plastic surgery, but it really upset me.

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