‘Priceless’: Woman surprises man with portrait of late father with newborn baby

Losing a parent is never easy, especially a few days before witnessing a milestone in their life. So when a man lost his father a few days before his baby arrived in this world and was heartbroken, his wife made up for it, leaving him and netizens with tears in their eyes.

Andrew and Alexis Prue were thrilled to become new parents. However, a few days before Andrew became a dad, he lost
his own father. Today, on his birthday, his wife gave him a poignant gift: a bespoke photo of their daughter India with her grandfather!

In an unboxing video, posted by Alexis on her TikTok and Instagram, her husband was seen unsuspectingly opening his birthday present. However, as he tore open the gift wrap, he was seen to break down the moment he saw a beautiful photo of his late father cradling his newborn baby.

Watch the video here:

For most people, the time spent with their grandparents is one of the fondest memories. However, not everyone is so lucky. As a nod to the beautiful link, the parents posted the image on their daughter’s Instagram profile.

The portrait was created by Instagram artist designbyshopium, a graphic designer specializing in these works. Time and again, the artist created such images of people with family members and friends, who died, giving them a chance to realize an unthinkable dream.

From wedding days to graduation ceremonies, the visual artist’s work has gone viral many times before for touching people’s hearts.

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