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How “Eating Love” Gives Artists An Unusual Platform To Showcase Their Work

How “Eating Love” Gives Artists An Unusual Platform To Showcase Their Work

Tucked away in a small lane off Sarjapur Road in Bengaluru is ‘Eating Love’, a pizzeria founded in 2018 by Jaydev Vyas and Niharika Peri. Although this is one of the few purely vegetarian pizzerias in town, what makes it unique are its pizza boxes – they feature the work of budding artists.

Niharika, who worked in an art gallery in Chennai for a few years before joining an art magazine, felt she could carve out a similar niche for herself when she had to move to Bengaluru. However, when things didn’t pan out, she turned to her passion for baking.

“I like bread a lot and during my escapades in Europe, I tried the different breads available there. I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook and since I decided to give it a try, I’ve taken lessons from Antonio Scirocco, an Italian chef based in Pondicherry. He also guided me on the best brick ovens and even built one for us.“

“I wanted to create something healthy and decided early on that ‘Eating Love’ would be good for the taste buds as well as the stomach. So we included whole wheat bases as well as options gluten-free, vegan, jaïne and egg-free on our menu.

“As a vegetarian, I was often faced with a dearth of options. Once I decided to ‘eat love’, I started connecting with people in the city to stock up on cheeses, vegetables, olive oil and herbs.Today our pizzas feature greens such as kale, watercress, arugula and fresh oregano with a combination of cheeses such as stracciatella, smoked scarmoza and goat cheese.

Kanika Agarwal's art featured on Eating Love pizza boxes

Kanika Agarwal’s Art Featured on Eating Love Pizza Boxes | Photo credit: special arrangement

After another stint in Pondicherry learning the nuances of sourdough pizza making, Niharika launched “Eating Love”. As they were settling in, COVID-19 hit. “Suddenly there was a lack of conversation, that personal contact with customers was lost. Orders from delivery platforms weren’t up to par with personal interactions,” she says. wow with Latheesh Lakshman, a friend of his, the duo came up with the idea of ​​creating pizza boxes that could be conversation starters.Latheesh, a design director in the advertising industry for nearly 13 years, has met Niharika while working for the art magazine “There is a fine difference between art and design; it lies in how you conceive an idea and explain or display it, whatever be the medium,” he says, adding, “My taste in art has always centered around design – it can’t necessarily be called art.

According to Kochi-based Latheesh, an image appearing on a box should blend art and design. And the works of the three artists he and Niharika spotted reflect fine graphic form and a sense of layout.

“When COVID-19 hit, people had no chance to go to galleries; it was a way for the art to reach them. Although we decided to feature interesting and unusual artists, the ones we chose had not had their work exhibited in the mainstream art world and this was a good opportunity to showcase their work.

He says the work of Mumbai-based artist Kanika Agarwal who works with collages is a perfect reflection of how a pizza is made. “It includes pieces of different ingredients and I found the parallel interesting.”

Reshidev RK, originally from Kerala, is currently based in the United States and has a background in design and illustration. “His works display a sense of balance and are well put together. I was trying to identify that kind of artistry. Plus, it looks great on a box,” says Latheesh.

Reshidev RK's art featured on Eating Love pizza boxes

Reshidev RK’s Art Featured on Eating Love Pizza Boxes | Photo credit: special arrangement

The third artist was Jyothi Venugopal from Bengaluru. “I saw her working on social media and marveled at the uniqueness of her style. I was looking for the right opportunity to show off her style and it came up with Eating Love,” he says.

“I wanted to draw attention to them because an artist needs an audience and when there are no galleries, no conversation evolves and it becomes quite depressing,” says Niharika.

Besides these images appearing on the pizza boxes, the originals are on display at “Eating Love” and are available for purchase.

According to Niharika, in the event of a sale of a painting, boxes with that printed artwork will continue to deliver pizzas while supplies last. “We will feature three more artists the next time we place an order for boxes. The idea is to create a gallery on our website whether the art is sold or not,” she says.

To view the work of participating artists, log on to

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