Maynard family named majority owner of Tony Schumacher-led Top Fuel team

Don Schumacher Racing and Joe and Cathi Maynard have expanded the terms of their current partnership to include the Maynards as majority owners of the Tony Schumacher-driven Top Fuel operation, effective Monday, July 25, 2022.

As majority owners of what will be billed as the Maynard Family Racing/Don Schumacher Racing (JCM/DSR) team beginning with the upcoming Flav-R-Pac NHRA Northwest Nationals, the Maynards will assume the bulk of supervisory responsibilities. of the day – today’s operations around the machine driven by Schumacher / tuned by Todd Okuhara.

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the Maynard family this year and look forward to them continuing to be more involved as they take on this expanded role,” Sonoma Raceway’s Tony Schumacher said after the NHRA playoff rounds. Sunday’s Sonoma Nationals. “It’s amazing how passionate the Maynards are about our sport. Together we will continue to represent our roster of JCM and DSR partners such as Scag Power Equipment and Okuma to the best of our abilities on and off the track as we race to compete in the 2022 NHRA countdown to the Championship playoffs. .”

Longtime racing fans Joe and Cathi Maynard first got involved with NHRA Drag Racing in 2021, joining DSR as associate partners. They were instrumental in bringing fan-favorite Tony Schumacher back to the Top Fuel mix in 2022 by enhancing their support at the lead partner level. By now taking a stake in the Schumacher Top Fuel operation, the Maynards further reinforce their commitment to straight-line racing.

DSR has long been lauded for its impressive list of in-house offerings, including a robust hospitality program, graphic design and vinyl installation, nitromethane, parts and chassis sales, and industry-leading accuracy from 75,000 square feet. Machining and Manufacturing operations, all of which will continue to function only as DSR entities. Additionally, DSR’s trio of Factory Stock Showdown Series entries will also continue to compete under the DSR banner.

While the transfer of ownership will allow the Maynards to become even more involved in their favorite sport, it will give Don Schumacher, President of DSR Performance Chad Osier, and Vice President of DSR Megan Schumacher time to continue developing. DSR Performance, DSR’s booming performance aftermarket. , and aerospace and defense manufacturing division.

“While things may be a little different behind the scenes, for our fans and partners it will seem like business as usual,” said Don Schumacher, a Motorsports Hall of Famer who led DSR to 366. wins in national events and 19 championships in the series. “We have many ongoing opportunities with DSR Performance, and we will continue to design and supply state-of-the-art racing parts to the drag racing community in addition to expanding our defense and aerospace contracts. Earlier this season, we announced the launch of an exciting new project, the DSR 1150 crate engine, but I feel like we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of DSR Performance’s capabilities. the reins of the Top Fuel team, we can focus our attention on further developing this side of the business.

“Make no mistake about it,” added Schumacher, whose contributions to the sport of drag racing include several cutting-edge safety innovations. “I love drag racing and although I am taking a step back from the Top Fuel team at this time, I have no intention of quitting the sport. Full fields are imperative for the health of the NHRA, and we will continue to look for opportunities that will allow us to field championship vying nitro teams, but for now this decision makes sense.

The Maynard family, who have become regulars at the start line, have enjoyed watching young Schumacher get to grips with their fanbase and 330 mph races this season, and look forward to helping him add to his long list of accomplishments. .

“Cathi and I are beyond excited to continue in our favorite sport as majority owners of the JCM Racing/DSR Top Fuel team,” said Joe Maynard. “It is our strong desire to build a new legacy with Tony at the wheel while maintaining the legacy of Don and DSR through our partnership.

“Throughout 2022, we have seen our young crew grow under the leadership of Todd Okuhara, and now we see a true team performing at a highly competitive level with a watchful eye on the countdown. We look forward to improve our relationship with Scag Power Equipment, Okuma and potentially others to build an even stronger team for 2023 and beyond and, like Don, we are looking for opportunities to fill out the field at every race.

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