Like going into a migraine – the house covered in doodles | Art

Last name: Doodles.

Age: The first bored woman probably traced a sooty finger along a cave wall around 73,000 years ago.

Appearance: Whatever you want: curvy lines, Ed Sheeran’s head on a lobster’s body, or the molecular structure of Tellurium. Queen Victoria preferred donkeys, apparently.

Hmm, mine are usually of Saturn devouring his son, except the son is half Jacob Rees Mogg and a half pretzel. I’m afraid to imagine what a writing analyst would think of that. It’s almost as disturbing as the doodles medieval monks make in illuminated manuscripts: axe-wielding monkeys, murderous rabbits, that sort of thing.

A normal day at the Guardian. Why are we talking about doodling? Because artist Sam Cox, known as ‘Mr Doodle’, has just finished doodling every square inch of his six-bedroom house in Kent, both outside and inside. Bath, stove, windows, toilets, the lot.

And what did that entail? Two years, 900 liters of emulsion, 401 cans of paint, 286 bottles of drawing paint and 2,296 pen nibs.

Sam Cox with his wife Alena. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

And what did he scribble? West favors black-on-white patterns a la Keith Haring, densely graphic. They are theme per room: the ocean for the bathroom, the dream for the bedroom, and heaven and hell for the stairs.

Expensive God, it’s like going into a migraine. Does he have a partner? Surely no one else could live in there? He does, in fact, and he even doodled it You’re here. She is also an artist and says she finds it soothing.

Calming like a blow to the head, perhaps. Note that they don’t live in the house yet, but plan to move in soon.

And what do the neighbors think? They didn’t complain, apparently. Previous owners won’t be thrilled, though. “They said to me, whatever you do, please don’t doodle. I didn’t listen,’ Cox told The Sunday Times.

I bet he completely destroyed the value of his house. And in this economy! Unlikely: A four-meter Mr Doodle canvas sold for just under $1 million in 2020. There’s more danger of people trying to remove pieces of it.

Is it even doodle? Isn’t scribbling what you do when you’re supposed to be doing something else? Yes, but often the doodles are where real breakthroughs happen. Leonardo da Vinci seems to have reached an early understanding of the laws of friction through doodling, and Jimi Hendrix dreamed up his first album design and title on a Brussels pub coaster.

Come on, what did you scribble during this conversation? Nothing special: a few faint hatches, a few flowers and an army of angry bunnies marching towards the Conservative Party Conference at the Birmingham and West Midlands Convention Centre.

Say: “Doodling reduces stress and improves short-term memory.

Do not tell : “Nine hundred liters of white emulsion, please.”

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