I gave my son’s boring bedroom a Ghostbuster themed makeover using sticky plastic and B&Q paint

All children have a favorite movie that obsesses them.

And Poppy Jones, 31, mum-of-two and artist from South Wales, has decided to give her son Frank the bedroom of his dreams inspired by his favorite movie, Ghostbusters.


Poppy Jones, 31, wanted to create a Ghostbusters-themed bedroom without spending a fortuneCredit: Latest Deals – Poppy Jones
After seeing accessories on sale for up to £1,000, she decided to create the piece herself using papier mache, self-adhesive vinyl paper and paint from B&Q.


After seeing accessories on sale for up to £1,000, she decided to create the piece herself using papier mache, self-adhesive vinyl paper and paint from B&Q.Credit: Latest Deals – Poppy Jones

After seeing some very expensive accessories on sale for up to £1,000, Poppy decided to create the piece herself.

Using papier-mâché, self-adhesive vinyl paper and trusty B&Q paint, Poppy has created a stunning piece for just £80.

Poppy told the DIY On A Budget UK Facebook group: “We have just moved house after many years of being cooped up in a cramped twin bed.


“The children finally had their own rooms, so I wanted them to be particularly spectacular because it was a special occasion and it was a long wait to finally have a room each.

“My son Frank has autism and his latest obsession includes Ghostbusters. He watches it every day.”

“When I was browsing Ghostbusters merch everything was so expensive. An official Slimer pop-out wall art is around £500-1000.

“It’s definitely not suitable for a four year old fan, but there was nothing available on a budget so I decided to make my own.

Poppy went on to say that she thought long and hard about how she could make one and tested several materials.

“I remember doing a papier-mâché project while I was in art college and how easy the paper was to work with and that’s when it came to me,” he said. she continued.

“The papier-mâché slimer took over 20 hours and several layers to make.

“It’s made entirely of PVA glue and newspaper, finished with acrylic paint.

“I then drilled support holes in the back of it so it simply hung using dowels and screws.”

Poppy hand painted the bedroom with paint she already had in her studio and explained how the green is B&Q’s Valspar emulsion and the rest is acrylic.

She added that most of the other products are mostly from Amazon.

I remember doing a papier mache project when I was in art school and how easy the paper was to handle and that’s when it came to me

Poppy Jones, 31

“The fire station look wall is self adhesive vinyl brick paper from Amazon about £5 a roll and I needed four for one wall,” she explained .

“The yellow stuff on her bed and on the chest of drawers is hazard safety tape, again from Amazon at around £4 a roll.

“I used the excess emulsion for the slime drops and the bottom of the slimer sculpture.

“The logo itself was hand painted by me simply by copying an image online. It glows in the dark! I got the paint from B&Q.

“I created a perfect circle using a thumbtack and attached a pencil to the other end to dip in and trace.

“I bought silver vinyl to cover the bookcase to give it that fire station feel, from Amazon again at around £6 a roll. I used it to trim the shelves.”

Poppy went on to explain that the green bean bag for under bed comfort cost £16, the bedding £25 and the LED light strips £5 – all of which came from Amazon.

“The lampshade was the one we already had and I recycled it by painting it with the hazard stripes,” she added. “You just have to be careful when painting fabric around lights and always use safe LED bulbs.

“Everything else, we already had it and we recycled it. The whole project cost around £80 in total.

“Frank loves his new room and is so happy. He plays Ghostbusters there every day and acts out some scenes.

Ghostbusters-themed makeover is just £80


Ghostbusters-themed makeover is just £80Credit: Latest Deals – Poppy Jones
Poppy and her son were delighted with the end result


Poppy and her son were delighted with the end resultCredit: Latest Deals – Poppy Jones

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, comments: “I love Poppy’s positive attitude: rather than giving up when she saw accessories for £1000, she decided she would have the room she wanted, but at a fraction of the price. the price.

“Frank must absolutely love his new bedroom, and what’s even better is that it’s totally unique in the world, because no one else will have any of these handmade designs!”

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