Hippotizer helps BLINK Cincinnati artists wash the city with spectacular graphics – rAVe [PUBS]

The streets of Cincinnati were awash in color in October as an estimated 1.5 million people enjoyed the BLINK light and art festival, which featured four large-scale projection mappings powered by Hippotizer Media Servers.

During the four-day event, video installations transformed the city’s iconic buildings into “a techno cityscape of the future”, bringing existing artwork and architecture to life and creating stunning 3D projections. .

Some of the most spectacular video-mapping installations have been piloted by Hippotizer, including at Memorial Hall on Elm Street, where the building’s striking four pillars and grand architectural forms were flawlessly mapped and projected with kaleidoscopic artwork by the Italian multimedia studio Antless Visual Design. Titled In The Middle, the installation harnessed the power of a Hippotizer Boreal V4+ server running four 1920/1200 signals to Barco HDX projectors. He asked the question: “Reality or illusion? Control or chance? The answer is in the middle…on the architectural surface, visual art takes space from another space, employs materials, gives them shape and dimension.

Elsewhere in the downtown area of ​​the city, artist Sam Okerstum-Lang and Masary Studios have created an interactive, site-specific artwork called Massively Distributed. This installation invited the public to create visual landscapes using a specially designed application. The results were stitched together by the artist and activated via a Hippotizer Boreal V4+ sending four HD signals to an in-line stack of four Barco UDX 4K projectors, mounted in portrait formation. .

Here is a video of some parts of the festival:

In Cincinnati’s beautifully designed Hanke Building, students from the University of Miami’s Department of Emerging Technologies in Business and Design conducted a project to showcase their work, naming it Isolation/Unity/Community in reference to the pandemic and the their ability to finally release their designs into the real world. Celebrating “the power of artistic collaboration and friendship”, they launched two Hippotizer Montane V4+ servers which pumped data to two Barco UDX projectors. On the building’s facade, a dazzling mix of color-mapped video traced its architectural splendor and dreamlike splashes of graphic content washed it in color.

And at the Blond Apartments, British artist Vince Fraser’s artwork Little Africa 1800 saw magical graphics of steamships sailing through the building, which were based on the real ships that transported slaves and freed slaves. people of color in Cincinnati across the Ohio River in the 19th century. Fraser says his work is “where these mythical African characters steer the futuristic steamboat across the sky and across the river carrying black people to a new life of abundance.” The motion graphics were driven by a Hippotizer Boreal V4+, transmitting data via HDMI to a Barco UDX 4K projector.

Green Hippo USA Sales Manager Tim Riley worked closely with live event production solutions provider PRG to specify the Hippotizer media servers needed to mix multiple projection images across these four facilities. of throwing. PRG has been BLINK’s technical partner since 2017. Working with PRG and working with Chicago-based Eclipse Creativity’s Tyler Roach, Riley helped source, configure, and program the kit.

“Tyler has been instrumental in programming the Hippotizer servers for PRG. As the owner and operator of a fleet of Hippotizers, Tyler has been a long-time supplier to PRG and a real asset when it comes to delivering the Hippotizers as a solution to this event,” says Riley. “In addition, PRG is the rental and staging house for perhaps the largest projection mapping festival in the United States today, with Bryan Besterfeldt on the projection mapping engineering tasks for PRG. Bryan has incredible abilities and handles a myriad of challenges – not to mention the demands of working in a very public space downtown!

“The Green Hippo team are beyond proud to have participated in the BLINK Cincinnati events, which filled the streets with light and video and we would like to thank the teams involved and congratulate the artists for an incredible and memorable event. .”

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