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When it comes to making flat acoustics, Guild has an approach of its own. Unlike most other big American brands, Guild combines solid tops with laminated sides and arched backs also made of laminated wood. These arched backs are so much stronger and stiffer than center-assembled solid wood plates, there’s no need for center bands or back straps – and that’s exactly the recipe we have here.

The top of the F-240E is solid Sitka spruce top, with nice wide grain lines and an attractive amber tint. Guild’s jumbo outline is here accented by ivory-colored ABS binding and the inner and outer layers of the back and side laminations are mahogany.

The thin tortoiseshell pickguard has the appearance of an old celluloid and the sober rosette is underlined by a band of white mother-of-pearl. The matching bead is used for the linked pau ferro fingerboard stitches and the doll logo. The segmented look of the logo is subtly Art Deco and matches Guild’s traditional ankle head design. The bridge is also pau ferro with a similar classic shape, and here we have plastic pins with a wedge bone saddle.

Guild F-240E

The mahogany neck features a stacked heel and articulated sling head. The side cues are a bit crooked, but the fret setup is decent and we especially like the nickel-plated open gear tuners, which run smoothly at a 16: 1 ratio.

Guild F-240E

Included in the package is a Guild / Fishman Sonitone GT-1 active pickup system. Volume and tone controls nestle just inside the bass edge of the soundhole and an easy-to-access battery compartment is mounted on the lower end with the jack. We can’t find any flaws in the construction and an ultra-thin satin urethane finish showcases the simple yet attractive woods.

Guild F-240E


As provided, our guild’s action is a bit high. There’s too much neck relief too, but the dual-action truss-rod is easy to access and adding a little tension reduces the action. Ideally it would descend a bit lower, but the saddle height is enough to make it an option. The full neck is super comfortable and pairs well with the jumbo body without being intimidating or difficult to play.

Guild F-240E

The sound is big without impertinence, and well balanced on the strings. There’s a lot of weight, but it’s more of a focused thump than a dominant bass boom. Strumming the chords offers limitless pleasure and you actually feel the backward movement as it sends the sound waves back through the soundhole. You also get ringing overtones, but overall the F-240E is more woody than bright.

Guild F-240E

By switching to fingerstyle, with less energy to drive the top, the character becomes softer and more mellow. But when you alternate between picking and scraping, the wide dynamic range impresses. While pretty basic, the pickup system does a decent job of capturing acoustic tone and provides much-needed treble attenuation with high signal levels. In all respects, the F-240E is a guitar for the money.

Guild F-240E

Main characteristics

  • THE PRICE £ 389 / $ 555
  • THE DESCRIPTION Solid 6 string electroacoustic guitar, made in Indonesia
  • TO BUILD Solid Sitka spruce top, scalloped X-bracing, laminated mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck, pao ferro bridge, plastic bridge pins, bound pao ferro fingerboard with 16 ”radius, nickel plated Guild GBB1 Butterbean tuners , bone nut and wedge bone saddle, ivory ABS binding
  • ELECTRONIC Guild / Fishman Sonitone GT-1
  • LENGTH OF LADDER 649 mm / 25.5 inch
  • NECK WIDTH 43.5mm at nut, 53.8mm at 12th fret
  • NECK DEPTH 23.2mm at first fret, 24.3mm at 9th fret
  • STRING SPACING 34.1mm at nut, 54.8mm at bridge
  • WEIGHT 1.93 kg / 4.25 lb
  • LEFT Yes
  • END Satin polyurethane

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