Google can now associate your pet with its famous lookalike art


Google Arts & Culture’s new Pet Portraits feature will find your pet’s twin among the tens of thousands of works from the app’s partner art institutions.

Pet Portraits is the latest tool available in the free Google Arts & Culture app and a natural follow-up to the Art Selfie feature that was rolled out in 2018.

Art Selfie has encouraged users to upload photos of themselves, their friends and family to find famous matches from all over the world in art. Now, Pet Portraits lets your dog, cat or horse have fun too.

Just download the Google Arts & Culture app on your Android Where ios phone, tap the rainbow camera tab at the bottom of the screen and snap a photo of your best friend to see where their furry, feathered or scale lookalike lived in history art.

The computer vision algorithm trained by Google will then determine where your pet is in the image, crop the background and match them to one of the tens of thousands of works of art in its collections. .

Google Arts & Culture Buster Animal Portraits

Possible results include ancient Egyptian figurines, colorful Mexican street art, Chinese watercolors, and more, although my favorite from the Google gallery is definitely this wide-eyed cat hanging from a tree.

Once you have your match, you can save the results as a single image or animate them together to generate a gif to share on social media with the hashtag #PetPortraits. You can also find out more about the pets behind the art in the Arts & Culture app.

Pet Portraits is compatible with cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles, rabbits, and horses, but there is no mention of exotic creatures or farm animals, so if you have a goat pet or a baby tiger at home, you might be out of luck.

The feature is available to try in the Google Arts & Culture app right now.

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