Ghent Workgroup welcomes a new member of the association; Italian Association of Graphic Arts Technicians, TAGA

GHENT, BELGIUM – Members of the association are very important to the Ghent Workgroup as they represent printers, publishers, design agencies and prepress houses. Ghent Workgroup is pleased to announce that TAGA Italy has become its newest member of the association, giving its members the opportunity to gain insight into future developments and influence standardization in the industry.

The Italian Association of Graphic Arts Technicians (TAGA Italia) was created more than 30 years ago. TAGA Italia is closely linked to the TAGA (Technical Association of the Graphic Arts) in the United States, from which its founding members come. Its aims are to unite graphic arts professionals across the disciplines of prepress, press and postpress, to enhance the study of graphic arts processes, to disseminate useful training and documentation, and generally to share the knowledge of its members for mutual benefit.

Denis Salicetti, Advisor to TAGA Italia, says: “It is a great honor to join the Ghent working group as a member, because its objectives correspond exactly to what we are doing to raise the professional quality of our community of printers in Italy, through education with the help of recognized professionals. International institutions. We constantly strive to develop the skills of our members and spread the importance of knowing and managing the prepress workflow correctly, generating and processing PDF documents accurately, which are the keys to the standardization process of companies. of graphic arts”.

“It is great to have TAGA Italia and the Italian graphic arts community engaged as a member of the GWG. Their efforts to educate their community align with the mission of the GWG and we look forward to continued joint efforts to expand these efforts and develop new programs,” said David L. Zwang, GWG Chair.

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