Flowics will present new solutions in Amsterdam

Flowics will be present at IBC2022 in Amsterdam. Flowics experts will be on hand to show broadcasters of all kinds how easy it is to create captivating on-air graphics and interactive content with Flowics and how easily the Flowics platform integrates into their streaming. work. This year, the focus will be on creating data-driven broadcast graphics using Flowics Data Connectors with Flowics Graphics and Flowics Middleware for news, weather, sports, esports, and more.

Flowics data connectors
Data Connectors are native integrations of external third-party data providers built into Flowics Graphics’ cloud-based graphics engine. They allow live external data – such as live sports statistics or betting, weather, finance and cryptocurrency data – to be integrated into broadcast graphics without the time and expense of a developer. custom or manual data entry. Instead, data flows transparently from third parties to Flowics Graphics and designated cloud-based graphics files as noted. In this way, users can create state-of-the-art live graphics with the value-added information audiences expect, all in minutes and with little knowledge of graphic production.

In addition to its already robust data connector library, Flowics will introduce more data connectors for live sports and news production.

Additionally, the Flowics solution is flexible enough for the data connector architecture to integrate on-premises data sources through the Flowics middleware. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for users dealing with data sources that are only available on a local network and not on the Internet.

Finally, thanks to a recent update, Flowics Middleware will support Flowics data connectors. As a result, broadcasters who subscribe to Flowics Middleware and any of the available Flowics data connectors will be able to integrate live data from any of the 20+ data providers already natively integrated into their third-party graphics engine. choice. This means that Flowics customers will have many more options when using the connectors to create data-driven scatter graphs. Through this plug-and-play solution, select Flowics data connectors will be available for integration with on-premise graphics engines from third-party vendors such as Chyron, Ross, and Vizrt.

New graphical control interface
Also at IBC2022, Flowics will showcase another major Flowics Graphics update that will allow creative teams to reuse graphic templates and quickly create custom graphics previews for their live broadcasts. The release features a completely redesigned graphical control interface for managing graphical playlists and data connectors, previewing graphical overlays, and accessing real-time social media content and audience engagement.

“Our goal at Flowics is to empower producers and provide technology to captivate audiences. We help broadcast engineering and graphics teams reduce costs and effort, and make their workflows more flexible. It will be great to show IBC attendees why so many broadcasters in Europe and around the world already rely on the power of Flowics. — Gabriel Baños, CEO, Flowics

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