Deutsche Bank turned over Donald Trump’s financial records to New York prosecutors – report | German Bank

New York prosecutors investigating Donald Trump’s finances previously issued a subpoena to Deutsche Bank, one of the president’s main lenders, as part of their investigation – and the bank complied, according to the New York Times.

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Cyrus Vance is looking for eight years of the president’s personal and business tax records, but has not disclosed much about what prompted the attorney and his team to request the records from the president. -beyond payments to women to silence them about suspected cases. with Trump in the past.

Vance’s lawyers told a judge in New York on Monday that it was justified to demand the files from Trump, citing public reports of “widespread and prolonged criminal conduct within the Trump Organization.”

A report was released on Wednesday that Vance’s office subpoenaed the German lender last year, which the New York Times said was a sign that their criminal investigation into Trump’s business practices is broader than we never thought so before.

The report noted that this was the first instance of a criminal investigation involving Trump and his dealings with Deutsche Bank.

The German bank, which has long been a source of funding for Trump’s real estate empire, obeyed the subpoena and turned over documents provided by Trump to the bank during the loan application, the report said, citing anonymous sources with knowledge of the investigation.

Trump’s lawyers said last month that the summons to appear before the grand jury for the president’s tax returns was issued in bad faith and amounted to harassment.

In a court filing Monday, however, Vance’s attorneys said Trump’s arguments that the subpoena was too broad stemmed from the “false premise” that the investigation was limited to so-called “secret money” payments. .

They said public reports showed that at the time the subpoena was issued, “there were public allegations of possible criminal activity at the New York County-based Trump organization of the plaintiff dating back more than ‘a decade”.

They added, “These reports describe transactions involving individuals and businesses based in New York County, but whose conduct has at times extended beyond the borders of New York. This possible criminal activity occurred within the applicable statute of limitations, particularly if the transactions involved continued behavior. “

Vance asked for the tax records in part for an investigation into how Michael Cohen, the former Trump fixer and now convicted felon, managed to bar adult film producer and actor Stormy Daniels and model Karen McDougal to air allegations of extramarital affairs with Trump during the 2016 presidential race. Trump has denied the business.

The New York Times further reported on Wednesday that the Deutsche Bank subpoena sought all documents that could point to possible fraud and that Deutsche’s cooperation contrasted with many other attempts to access Trump’s financial records over the years. years that have been blocked by successful court challenges.

Other investigators requested files from Deutsche Bank, which was one of the few banks willing to lend to Trump after a string of corporate bankruptcies from the early 1990s.

Two congressional committees, both Democrat-controlled, have subpoenaed the bank over documents related to Trump, who filed a lawsuit to block their release.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, also subpoenaed the bank on Trump-related cases last year following Cohen’s testimony.

Trump said the investigations were all politically motivated. Earlier this week, he called Vance’s investigation a “sequel to the witch hunt.”

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