DC’s new female Robin fights Wayne Enterprises


Batman: The World introduces a brand new Robin, a young Chinese woman named Panda Girl who shows off her skills by taking on Wayne Enterprises.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Batman: the world story “Batman and Panda Girl”

DC Comics Just Introduced A New Woman Robin fight alongside Batman, and his ultimate villain is none other than Wayne Enterprises. While the Dark Knight has had a number of sidekicks to take over Robin’s mantle, the international anthology Batman: the world presents to readers Panda girl, a Chinese fighter who needs little advice from Batman to take on Bruce Wayne’s multinational corporation when it threatens his home.

The Global Anthology Hardcover Batman: the world features stories set in 14 different countries, each written and illustrated by creators from those countries. Many stories explore how Batman is viewed by different cultures around the world and often pit the Caped Crusader against threats unique to each international location.

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The history of the collection from China, “Batman and Panda Girl”, is written by Xu Xiaodong and Lu Xiaotong with the illustrations and cover of Qiu Kun, the colors of Yi Nan and the letters of Li Xiaobing. The story begins with Bruce Wayne in a Chinese fondue restaurant recommended to him by Alfred. When her server, Kiki, slips to the floor, she shows why she’s the town’s martial arts champion by turning around and grabbing her tray without spilling a drop. Bruce is impressed by the young woman, whose grandfather owns the restaurant. Kiki turns out to be a huge Batman fan. He is shocked to learn the next day that his company Wayne Enterprises has bought the street and plans to demolish the restaurant and surrounding businesses to make way for his own developments.

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Bruce was not aware of this trade deal until he heard about it from Alfred. Executives at Wayne Enterprises show how out of touch they are with Bruce’s vision by showing up to the restaurant and trashing the place. Not wanting to let her grandfather’s restaurant be demolished without a fight, Kiki disguises herself as the new Panda Girl vigilante. Dressed in a classic Robin outfit with a pair of panda ears on her head, she infiltrates the Wayne Enterprises headquarters to steal real estate deeds and save businesses on the streets. As she sneaks around and meets some guards, she is shocked to meet Batman himself, wearing a new costume inspired by Chinese armor. Panda Girl gets rid of some employees trying to stop her and shows how confident she is in her skills when she tells Batman: “Stand behind me! I will protect you!

Together, they battle the thugs at Wayne Enterprise before they reach the GM. When Batman threatens to call Bruce Wayne, the executive backs down and the restaurant is allowed to stay open. When Bruce visits the restaurant the next day, Kiki indicates that she knows he and Batman are one. With his fighting ability, self-confidence, and apparent sensing abilities, Kiki is revealed to be a strong and capable hero, and worthy to fight alongside Batman. Although the story is not canon, Batman is always looking for a new one Robin, and it would be great fun to see Panda girl travel to Gotham in the future and be part of a dynamic new duo.

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