Cuba celebrates 61st anniversary of diplomatic relations with China


HAVANA, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) – Cuba on Tuesday marked the 61st anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with China.

The celebrations took place online and in person with social distancing guidelines and observed safety protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Havana’s Chinatown, the House of Chinese Arts and Traditions has reopened with an exhibition of antique furniture, porcelain artwork and heirlooms cherished by Cubans of Chinese descent.

Entitled “Presence,” the exhibition aims to strengthen cultural, historical and social ties between the Chinese and Cuban peoples, organizers said.

Addressing guests and visitors, Teresa Li, director of the House of Chinese Arts and Traditions, said, “This exhibition serves to honor the strong ties between the two countries.”

“Our relationship has grown stronger and will continue in the years to come,” she told Xinhua.

Chinese Culture Week, organized by the Confucius Institute in Havana, features Chinese films, lectures and martial arts.

The martial arts performers were from the Wushu school in Havana.

Elisabeth Fonseca, a Chinese descendant and a member of Havana’s Chinatown communications team, told Xinhua that the two countries have a bright future ahead of them.

“My parents instilled in me Chinese values ​​and principles,” she said. “For the younger generations of Cubans, relations with China are fundamental.

Chen Xiuzhen, director of a traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy, said, “It is very important that the Cuban and Chinese people come together.

Traditional Chinese medicine “will go a long way in spreading Chinese culture on the island,” she added.

China established diplomatic relations with Cuba on September 28, 1960.

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