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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Asian pop-up cinema in Chicago will screen some of the iconic works of martial arts director Hu Jinquan (胡 金 銓).

that of Chicago Asian pop-up cinema Season 13 features 30 films from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and China. The festival will run from September 15 to October 12.

Four martial arts classics performed by Hu, known as King Hu, will be screened for six days starting September 22.

According to a press release from Taipei Cultural Center in New York, the four restored wuxia classics are “Dragon Inn”, “A Touch of Zen”, “Legend of the Mountain” and “Raining In The Mountain”.

The films will be available online in the United States, while “Dragon Inn” will also screen in a drive-in on September 28.

The Chinese director based in Hong Kong and Taiwan has taken Hong Kong and Taiwan cinema to new technical and artistic heights.

“Dragon Inn” set box office records in Taiwan, Korea and the Philippines in 1967. It was subsequently selected for Cannes Classics in 2014 and 2015, as was “A Touch of Zen”.

Hailed as an “extravagantly talented visual stylist,” Hu was inspired by his love of Peking Opera. His unique style of mixing action and aesthetics has influenced directors such as Tsui Hark from Hong Kong (徐克) and Ang Lee from Taiwan (李安).

“Hu placed women in stronger and more central roles than the studio had done before and imparted a palpable sense of Buddhist precepts,” according to Janus Films, which owns the rights to “Dragon Inn” and “A Touch of Zen”.

“Hu imbued his action with a depth and maturity of composition,” the company added. “Rather than relying on special effects, he focused on the physicality of his performers.”

Director Hu (Taipei Cultural Center in New York photo)

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