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Illustration by Samantha Miller

“I would love to meet you today, but I’m just too busy. “

“I am so overwhelmed. “

If one spends time wandering around Pepperdine’s campus, it is likely that they will hear them as complaints shared by students.

As of fall 2021, 33% of Pepperdine students are enrolled in 17 or more units, according to Pepperdine’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness. This strong commitment to classes – in conjunction with extracurricular activities, jobs, and the adjustment to be back in person – leads to many extremely booked schedules.

With all of these commitments, Pepperdine students are expected to manage their stress by finding opportunities, spending time with friends, and learning to balance work, school, and life by setting boundaries.

First, points of sale are an important part of managing a busy schedule. Have other spaces and leisure activities allow to have a space to recharge your batteries from the demands of the school.

Fortunately, there are plenty on campus for students, ranging from fraternity and sisterhood life to identity organizations. In addition, there are groups specifically for recreation, such as Art Club.

Spending time on an activity you enjoy can improve your health and well-being, according to Head to Health, an Australian mental health organization. People with positive outlets are less likely to experience stress, bad mood, and depression.

These positive outlets can provide safe spaces to find community and express oneself. However, it is important to balance them to ensure that they serve as sources of relaxation rather than stressors.

Second, spending time with friends is an important way to help deal with stress. Unfortunately, for many students this is all too often put on the back burner.

Whether one is an introvert or an extrovert, spending time with others is an important part of mental, emotional and cognitive development.

As social creatures, it is important that people maintain friendships in conjunction with their academic and professional pursuits. One can always be successful while creating relationships with those around him. In fact, a study by Taylor & Francis found that friends make you better at work and help you earn money. It shows the importance of having friendships and working at the same time – it can help you achieve better results.

It’s the first instinct of many people to spend less time with friends when faced with a busy season. Despite this, the study concluded that a balance between friends and work seems ideal for mental health and academic and professional success.

A few easy ways to do this could be having coffee with a friend for 30 minutes – pro tip: order ahead on Grubhub – or working with friends in a study room.

Also, with Thanksgiving Break around the corner November 24-28 – reunite with friends from Pepperdine and home. It is important to use part of this time to recharge your batteries on your own and with loved ones.

Finally, it is important to find a work-life balance by setting limits.

Boundaries are the boundaries and rules we set for ourselves in our relationships or activities. They are always necessary, but especially when trying to balance a busy schedule.

By creating boundaries, we keep space to have responsibilities while having time to rest and relax. Instead of saying yes to everything, healthy boundaries set boundaries and respect their own time and energy.

In everyday life, it can be like saying no to friends to complete an essay or deciding not to take an extra shift to catch up on sleep.

The limits are different from person to person. Fitting them into your own life may seem difficult at first, but it will help to successfully manage a busy schedule.

While Pepperdine students are always full of things to do – even during a global pandemic – these tips will help balance their busy schedules, ultimately leading to healthier lifestyles.


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