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Plastic mermaids live in Brighton at The Great Escape 2019 (pictured Nick linazasoro) (Click on the image to enlarge !)

Plastic sirens are a group of five musicians from the Isle of Wight who, after building their own analogue studio, released to unsuspecting audiences their self-produced, original and sonically daring debut album titled Suddenly everyone explodes‘.

The group includes brothers Jamie and Douglas Richards, who collaborate on vocals, synths and samples, as well as guitarist Chris Newnham, bassist Tom Farren and drummer Chris Jones. Jamie is the technician, always available to build or repair whatever kit they need. “It’s important to mention that often the obstacles were overcome simply by Jamie sitting for three weeks with a soldering iron and making the thing we needed.” remembers Tom. “The music stand on which we recorded the whole album, for example. Jamie just did.

Plastic mermaids live in Brighton at The Great Escape 2019 (pictured Nick linazasoro) (Click on the image to enlarge !)

Singles from the first album included1996 and Float in the void, both of whom were greeted warmly by fans and critics alike, supported on the radio by Jack Saunders of BBC Radio 1, John Kennedy of Radio X (who recently gifted the band with a live Xposure session), Lauren Laverne and Chris Hawkins by BBC6 Music.

Plastic mermaids are the kind of band who pay attention to every detail. The cover of ‘Suddenly Everyone explodes’ represents a model village with figures that ignite. It’s not computer generated – Jamie built the model himself and then shed light on each of the people in the scene one by one. “It really exists as a three-dimensional scene”, He confirmed. The lake depicted on the cover turned out to be particularly difficult to achieve. “We didn’t know what to do it with, so we did it with jelly” Doug said. “Then it got moldy. “

Plastic sirens

The group all spend a lot of time in the wild, especially off the coast of their native island. “All of us surf a lot “, Jamie said. “We represented the Isle of Wight. It’s an influence on our music, in a way, because you spend a lot of time sitting in the sea when it’s freezing cold, and sitting there in the sea you have a lot of time with yourself to reflect. I think surfing is more of an influence on me than anything else.

In terms of musical influences, fans of The Flaming Lips, Arcade Fire, Sparklehorse, and Tame Impala will all find something to love in the richly textured sound of Plastic Mermaids.

For the group, this sense of challenge makes it interesting. “It’s just nice to go out and do something different,” Chris Newnham said. “It makes him exciting. I don’t think we’ve ever done a gig where we were 100% sure if it was going to be okay. There is something cool about it. “

Most bands wouldn’t go that far for their art, but Plastic Mermaids isn’t like most bands. More than a simple disc, they created their own very particular universe.

Patterns will host the Plastic Mermaids this fall (photo Nick linazasoro) (Click on the image to enlarge !)

Lately the group announced “We have been working hard on new things that will start showing up very, very soon”, and is therefore preceded by the announcement of a 10 date UK tour, which includes an appearance here in Brighton. Guys will fall back into Reasons (located at 10 Marine Parade, Brighton, BN2 1TL) on Wednesday October 27, 2021. You can buy your tickets HERE, HERE and of Resident music.

Plastic Mermaids previously appeared live on Patterns on September 21, 2019. The Brighton & Hove Press Team were present – Read our review HERE. Prior to that, we had seen them perform at The Great Escape new music festival in May and a rousing concert at Prince Albert on March 14, 2019, which you can watch HERE.

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