Bob Marley’s shows that were sold out just added extra seats in June


Maine’s King of Comedy, Bob Marley has just added additional audience seats for several upcoming shows. He truly has been a vital worker throughout the dreaded year of 2020 and continues to be. If it’s true that laughter is the best medicine, then this great man’s treasure from Maine is just the guy to deliver the therapy.

With everything from hilarious weekly Facebook video recordings to live drive-through performances, Uncle Bobby has helped give his fans a welcome distraction during the ongoing pandemic.

Now that things are slowly but surely returning to the life we ​​all missed last year, Bob Marley is scheduled for more and more performances in 2021. With the end of mask mandates and the easing of capacity restrictions , it turns out that more tickets are released in June at four sites in Maine.

  • June 4-6 at the Clambake in Scarborough
  • June 9 and 17 at Jonathan’s in Ogunquit
  • June 11 and 12 at The Elm in Waterville
  • June 18 and 19 at Dover Foxcroft Center Theater

Here’s the official announcement this week from the Bob Marley Comedy Facebook page.

To purchase tickets and get more information, visit

And now the pride of Deering High School (class of ’85 or sumpin ‘) features a random act of comedic cuteness. Earlier this year he made his comedy special on Amazon 2019, Bob Marley Live available for FREE. Ouisssss Dooood!

The hour-long performance was recorded with a large, nasty crowd in Salisbury, Massachusetts …

Alright, buddy. Let’s get this suckah from the phone to the TV!

Thanks again, Bob. You were a tremendous, wacky joybreaker during a very difficult time in history. Here’s to a lot more laughs together!

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