Anitta talks about her plastic surgeries and her career to WSJ magazine

Anita has always been an open and honest book, and the WSJ finally got a chance to read it. Effective today (October 25), WSJ magazine has named Anitta the Music Innovator of 2022, and what better way to celebrate a chart-topping year than with an award reflecting all she has done for Brazil and beyond?

WSJ Innovator Number and Awards – featured for 11+ years – honors the year’s breakthrough visionaries and their global impact on entertainment across all industries. The Brazilian pop star spoke with WSJ about his international success, how his #1 hit song “Envolver” was written in less than a day, transitioning into acting once his music career was over, and even spoke candidly about his plastic surgeries. Frankly, she loves talking about the subject. “It has nothing to do with me not being happy with myself,” she said of plastic surgeries. “For me, it’s like changing my hairstyle. Even if it’s not good or as I expected, I still like the process. I love adrenaline.

After all, the cover of his latest album, versions of me, features six images of Anitta at various stages of her plastic surgeries: nose surgery, jawline reshaping procedures, and breast augmentations. She has nothing to hide and cherishes every step of the way, just like her career.

Anitta began her career in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, becoming a superstar with a mix of Brazilian and Latin rhymes that infuse the best of her home country and the world. With the release of his trilingual album, versions of me, and hit single “Envolver”, she reached the US market like never before. Now she sings and writes in five different languages, making hits around the world, and collaborating with people like Missy Elliot, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, etc. Did we also mention the 63 million followers on Instagram?

But it was not an easy evolution. It’s been a long and difficult journey, especially as a woman outside of Brazil, where women have never outgrown their own market. Anitta recalled Brazilian industry’s skepticism about its global plans. “They said, ‘Well, you can try to go international, but it’s impossible. No one has ever succeeded. The last person was Carmen Miranda,” she says. “‘Impossible?’ This word just makes me want to go.

Same the release of “Envolver” has become a complicated situation. Anitta shared with WSJ that the track originated while on vacation in the Dominican Republic with Puerto Rican production duo Súbelo NEO. They ended up creating an international super hit while the three relaxed by the pool. Yet the problem arose when Warner Music Latina, the label that has handled Spanish releases since signing with Warner Records in 2020, thought the song should be a duet with a male vocalist. “I was so sure it was going to be big,” she said with a wave of her hand. “They said I couldn’t do it on my own.”

Yet, completely unfazed, she decided to go on the trek alone to release “Envolver” anyway. And it’s a good thing she did, as the single went viral on Tik Tok and radio, making Anitta the first Brazilian artist and the first solo Latin artist to hit #1 on Spotify Global. .

Similarly, when asked if she will sing and perform forever, Anitta gives a shocking response: “Not forever. Definitely not.” Instead, she’ll do music for another five to six years and then become an actress. She’s eager to “bring the butterflies,” as she described it. keep pushing me to keep doing things that won’t make new dreams come true. I have already done what was impossible. What is greater than number 1? »

For now, Anitta is enjoying her success, reviewing the scenarios and planning a memorable trip for her 30th birthday in March. But, as we wait for more tour dates to be announced, we can’t help but be excited to see where this new chapter in Anitta’s life takes her. Whether in new music or theater, we were ready to see it all flourish.

Check out the interview below.

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