An artist shows what Paper Mario would look like on Game Boy Advance

A Paper Mario fan is reimagining what the first game would look like if it was first released on the nostalgic Game Boy Advance console.

A pixel artist has created an impressive version of what paper mario would have looked like the classic Game Boy Advance console. The paper mario the series has since established itself as a creative RPG on the Super Mario franchise, but unfortunately it completely missed out on the Game Boy Advance era. Now there’s a reimagining of what could have been a Game Boy Advance hit.

The action-packed RPG paper mario was originally released in 2000 on the Nintendo 64. It was a unique approach to gaming at the time, especially for the Super Mario franchise, which first found success in role-playing games with Super Mario RPG. It then spawned several subsequent installments and remains a fan-favorite series to this day. Although the criticism of paper mario the sequels were mostly geared towards Nintendo’s decision to change the aspects that made the first paper mario so awesome, like the combat system and lovely storyline. This most recent version of the game shows how the mario fandom still loves toying with the classic aesthetic of old pixel-style game graphics from their favorite consoles of the past and continuing to bring the classic series to life.


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Pixel artist Ninjamal has released four images of his 32-bit GBA Paper Mario art. The art was created using Asesprite, a pixel art tool that artists can use to create anything in 2D format. Ninjamal’s Creation Depicts Classic Turn-Based Combat paper mario The series is known for the title screen and cutscene with Bowser. Ninjamal’s work has been positively received by fans of the franchise, with some wishing for a real “paper mario Advance” existed.

Even if the paper mario series missed the opportunity to have a legit GBA installment, there are still other ways to enjoy the original Nintendo 64 game. Switch players who have the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service get access to the title along with other nostalgic games, such as Kirby 64, Mario Kart 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and more. Just say that paper mario is a welcome addition to the nostalgia-filled expansion pack.

Nostalgia is a big factor in much of Mario fan art and this is no different. Although the game’s follow-ups, like Paper Mario: Origami King, Paper Mario: Star Stickerand Super Paper Mario received more mixed reviews over the years, Ninjamal’s take on the classic game shows there’s still a strong love for the series. Nintendo has proven it can repeat the success of the original with the release of Paper Mario: Millennium Gateso there is hope for more good paper mario games and fan art.

paper mario is now available on Nintendo 64.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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