‘AMANDA PARADISE’: Working hard with CAConrad

What do you get when you flood your body with field recordings of recently extinct animals? This week during The question of writingCAConrad, author of AMANDA PARADISE: Resurrecting the Dead Vibration (Wave Books), talks with Lauren about their writing process: the rituals of (soma)tic poetry that result in poetry that shimmers, surprises and burns.

About that :

CAConrad has been working with ancient technologies of poetry and ritual since 1975. They are the author of AMANDA PARADISE: Resurrecting the Dead Vibration (Wave Books, 2021). Other titles include Queuing for death and Ecodeviance. Frank’s book is now available in 9 different languages. They received a Creative Capital Fellowship, a Pew Fellowship, a Lambda Literary Award and a Believer Magazine Book price. They teach at Columbia University in New York and at the Sandberg Art Institute in Amsterdam. Please visit their website.

CAConrad recommends:

A thousand times you lose your treasure by Hoa Nguyen (Wave Books)

Plastic: an autobiography and Green-Wood by Allison Cobb (Nightboat Books)

Lauren Korn recommends (a lot!):

A beautiful marsupial afternoon and Queuing for death by CAConrad (Wave Books)

The Martyrology by bpNichol (Coach House Books)

Hannah Weiner Open House by Hannah Weiner (Kenning Editions)

Mercury by Ariana Reines (Fence Books)

My Vocabulary Made Me This: The Collected Poetry of Jack Spicer edited by Peter Gizzi and Kevin Killian (Wesleyan University Press)

A thousand times you lose your treasure and Violet Energy Ingots by Hoa Nguyen (Wave Books)

The wild flora book by Amanda Ackerman (The Figs Press)

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