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It’s refreshing to read a well-written audio magazine with such a clever approach.

AudioKeyREVIEWS! Magazine (AKRM) is an extremely different HiFi—High Fidelity—audio magazine. This stunning digital publication is both a visual centerpiece and a literary destination for high-end audio enthusiasts and music lovers. The magazine offers written and video reviews of personal and two-channel audio components from around the world, as well as music reviews of every genre imaginable. There are also both male and female informative columns (a rarity in the audio world) that talk about music, amazing audio components, the art of listening to music, and music like medicine without the audio jargon. All this to make AKRM more accessible to newcomers to HiFi and personal audio. AKRM uses dynamic embedded video content and fine art graphics to complement its substantial and informative written content by its diverse seasoned writers.

AKRM editor KE Heartsong (and that’s his real name) believes that “music is art and art is music” as this aphorism adorns the inside front and back cover of every magazine. Heartsong reports that reader response to this juxtaposition of art, audio components, and reviews has been resounding. Comments ranged from “Simply stunning”, “Beautifully executed” to “It’s refreshing to read a well-written audio magazine with such a shrewd approach.” To date, the AudioKeyREVIEWS! Magazine has racked up over 12 million views for the first four issues. AKRM is looking to double those numbers by the end of the year!

Those who sign up for AudioKeyREVIEWS! Magazine, via the website, will receive the magazine for free, emailed every two months – January, March, May, July, September, November. Additionally, those who follow us on Pinterest or Instagram or Vimeo and comment will be eligible for a raffle that will find a single audio product – headphones, DAC, speakers, turntable, digital audio player or built-in , etc. – selected for each magazine issue. The product price for the monthly drawing, offered by one of our sponsors, will vary from $100 to $2,500.

Press contact: Rain Jordan p. 510.689.7271 e. [email protected]

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